Photo & Film Shoot at Tauranga Airport


by Herma

Today Henny will perform several Touch & Go manoeuvres
and fly standard circuits over the airport
while I try to take photos and a few short films with my photo camera,
a 10 Mega Pixels Panasonic DMC-FZ28 with 18x zoom

foto 1

foto 1a

While Henny moves our Flying Dutchman outside I position myself with a camping chair and my camera on the tripod,
luckily in the shadow, as it's rather hot today

foto 1b

Henny needs some time for the preflight and communication with the tower.
He then taxies to the holding point (=the place where you are told to wait till you get permission to take off)

There he comes...

foto 2

Today he wants to do only short field approaches, which are useful excercises,
preparing for situations in which the landing strip is very short

He takes off full speed

foto 3

Although I have been watching him before this time feels different, somehow more involved

foto 4

Especially when he's high up in the air I'm so proud of him.... and my heart is full of love

foto 5

I keep following him during the whole circuit, appr. 6 minutes, before he's landing

foto 6

which is going to be a Touch & Go, so: land and taking off right away, again full speed.

You can watch this Touch & Go manoeuvre on the short film below:
(don't forget your speakers)


After 5 Touch & Go manoeuvres our lovely old lady approaches me

foto 7

That went well !

foto 8

Another great day to cherish