November 2008
Home with the Classic Flyers

The looks of my Cessna are slowly changing... first the new registration, which is now: PHS

I have rented hangar space at the Classic Flyers in Tauranga, who also manage the Air Museum, which explains the (at first sight) odd attributes around.

Usually I am quite happy here, but when last Saturday it took me 2.5 (!) hours to find someone who was able to move an aircraft that was "temporarily" parked in front of my Cessna, it wasn't my best moment:-(

Gradually I'm getting used to the feeling that I am the proud owner of an aircraft, although a toy model according to some!
That opinion is quickly chaning, by the way, when they have the courage to go for a "quick fly around the church".... respect is everything!

Before taking off last Saturday I had to explain to Tauranga Tower who I am, so now they know.

For now my problem is how to remove the remaining glue of the old stickers, hoping time will come to the rescue!

The aircraft with the red star (photo on the right) is originally a type WW2 Russian trainer (a kind of Russian Harvard). But this one is part of a new production line, started after the USSR fell apart.   >>>

And for the one behind mine (photo above):
This is not more than a silhouet of a Spitfire, completely fake.
Should it be parked outside, the hardboard wings would swell!!

<< Left: a "real" Harvard!